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1. Responsible Contracting & Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance (LERTA)

The Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance is a common economic development tool in Pennsylvania where local taxing authorities may exempt improvements to a business property if such property is located in a deteriorated area. The Central Pennsylvania Building Trades fully supports the creation of LERTA’s throughout Central Pennsylvania in order to incentivize economic activity and create jobs provided that these incentives are going to responsible construction entities that will ensure quality construction work is being performed.

The City of Harrisburg recently passed LERTA legislation that included Responsible Contracting language requiring developers, contractors and subcontractors to perform quality construction works in a safe and skilled manner on all tax abatement projects. These protections, if adopted by both the county and the school district, will ensure that public tax incentives are being used responsibly, and will also serve to strengthen the local labor market.

UPDATE Harrisburg city council approves property tax breaks for home improvements and new construction

2. Worker Training

The Central Pennsylvania Building Trades play a critical role in our community by ensuring that workers receive the training they need to perform their jobs safely and consistently. To that end, we manage numerous worker training centers throughout Pennsylvania that are currently engaged in preparing our young people for the 21st Century economy, and to build out the infrastructure for our region to remain economically competitive.

3. Project Labor Agreements

A Project Labor Agreement (PLA) is a type of pre-hire agreement designed to facilitate complex construction projects. By governing and establishing work rules, pay rates, and dispute resolution processes for every worker on the project, PLAs ensure job stability, efficiency and productivity. Moreover, PLAs serve the public interest by ensuring that project are completed on time and on budget, and also minimize the risks and inconvenience to the public that often accompany large public works projects.

The Central Pennsylvania Building Trades is currently advocating for the adoption of PLA’s throughout our region by local municipalities. If successful, our efforts will ensure:

  • Better trained workers
  • Jobs done right the first time
  • A safer work environment
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Reduced property damage
  • Drug free work environments
  • Criminal background checks

4. Prevailing Wage

Despite years of misinformation put out by contractor-related organizations, Prevailing Wage laws exist to encourage fair competition in taxpayer-funded projects here in Pennsylvania. They prevent fly-by-night contractors from underbidding legitimate Pennsylvania businesses. Furthermore, they allow all contractors to operate on a level playing field, prevent the importation of unskilled and/or illegal workers into our communities and pocketing our tax dollars that are supposed to pay for these projects.

The Central Pennsylvania Building Trades strongly supports the existence of Prevailing Wage laws, and will continue its fight to prevent their repeal by groups that seek to potentially harm the public through shoddy and poor construction work.

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